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What better way to showcase our Colour Pop mixed box stems than to add even more colour to the mix! 

This simple idea is bold, bright and fun and repurposes something a lot of us might have knocking around at home that would have otherwise been overlooked. I've always loved the artwork and colours on Beavertown beer cans and had a thought about how to re use and enjoy them for longer...

To create this at home simply select a can of choice and remove the whole ring pull top with a can opener, fill halfway with stones or gravel and select stems to compliment or contrast with your really is as easy as it seems.

All of our mixed boxes come with a selection of stems in different heights and textures alongside our signature 'Style Your Stems' card to give you lots more inspiration and help you decide how best to display your flowers.

Colour Pop beer cans
Mixed box colour pop beer cans

3 Ways to Style... 

...your 3 Fields Winter Mixed Box!


Of course you might want to simply place your stems into the nearest vase but here are 3 handy styling tips should you feel a little more creative...

 1- Simple and effective; deck the halls! Hang your bouquet up and enjoy the beautiful dried flowers at eye level, Couldn't be easier.


2- Decorate your festive table.

Whether for a dinner party or the big day itself, lay your stems along the centre of your table, layering flatter stems at the base at fluffy at the top to create a beautiful table arrangement that can be switched back into a vase and won't die.


3- Gift wrap

This year is all about the war on plastic more than ever, so why not adorn your Christmas gifts with a few real flower/foliage stems from your festive mixed box. Share the joy and avoid plastic bows!



To kick off our style inspiration blog, let's start with something very simple and easy to achieve at home! All you need are your stems and a clip-back frame of your choosing.

Some of our favourite 3 Fields stems are the perfect size and shape to frame at home. You could pick the more delicate flowers and grasses from your mixed box or perhaps some Avena Oats stems or pieces of Reed Grass head. They just need to retain their shape when flattened in a frame, without looking too squashed.

Simply unclip your frame and make sure it's clean and dry. Lay on a flat surface, then trim a few stems to to size and place carefully onto the glass/perspex. Fix the frame back together, keeping flat on a table and taking cae not to disturb the arrangement. You could also add a contrasting piece of paper behind the flowers or use a clear glass frame for a pretty effect.

Finally, remember to avoid placing the finished creation in direct sun or near moisture.

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